Livescope Fishing Using Garmin Panoptix

Livescope Fishing With Garmin Panoptix Technology

Livescope fishing, when exploring a new lake looking for fish, is a game changer. No question. Accuracy and efficiency are two things that help any fisherman out, especially a tournament fisherman. Panoptix, is a game changer in terms of being able to find the fish. Panoptix allows you to pinpoint fish in the water with incredible accuracy. With a little practice, you can begin to learn the feeding patterns and behaviors of the fish!


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Livescope Fishing

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How to Catch Crappie When the Bite is Tough!?!

How to Catch Crappie When the Bite is Tough!?!

We have all been there. Everything you try just does NOT seem to work. You see the fish, but the just will not bite! What does a person do!?!

Well, we explore a few options for landing crappies at a small lake in the middle of Missouri, where the water is clear (relatively for this lake anyway).

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