About Us

The Outlaw Crappie & Walleye Poles story.

Our beginnings involved a small team of professional Crappie tournament fishermen. We needed a strong rod to bring fish out of heavy cover. The problems we encountered were that most of the strongest rods lost their sensitivity and were heavy. These men wanted to change this!

The Outlaw Crappie Pole was soon under construction. They soon struck “Crappie Gold”.

The Outlaw qualities included incredible tip strength without giving up the sensitivity that is so important for detecting those lightest bites. The Outlaw is also extremely light weight, which helps eliminate arm and shoulder fatigue that often comes from a long day of pulling slabs from their brushy haunts.

Perhaps the biggest challenge came when attempting to build a rod with high quality components that even the occasional angler could afford.

The first component needed was the carbon fiber for graphite. Without this, there wouldn’t be enough strength or good sensitivity. Then the remaining components must complete the durability and strength requirements. We have it all!

After using the Outlaw Poles in our Anglers Midwest guide boats for 2 years, I realized they had made a big difference in the catch rates. The improvement was very noticeable in my walleye fishing, not to mention the difference it made to my clients. We were detecting more bites and landing more fish.

I then purchased the Outlaw Company and soon added \”Walleye Poles\” to the name. A lot of walleye anglers prefer a fast tip on their walleye rods, but, I found that the extreme sensitivity along with strong backbone gave me quick response times and solid hook sets.

It is now my favorite walleye rod.

So, if you are searching for a great crappie or walleye pole, give Outlaw Crappie & Walleye Poles a try. We know you won’t be disappointed.

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